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Beauty Aesthetics – Personal Beauty Services

Our websites are: https://www.cleanbeauty.co.za/ OR http://beautyaesthetics.co.za

Beauty isn’t something that can’t be captured – it’s living, breathing and wild. It’s something a little different for each of us, yet so easy to recognize. Like a butterfly, each one unique and equally beautiful.
At Beauty Aesthetics we are dedicating to providing the best application in eyelash extensions and utmost standards in beauty and aesthetic treatments.
I Ilze Bronkhorst the owner of Beauty Aesthetics has been in the Spa & Beauty Industry for 16 years.
My passion lies in achieving a result that is natural, beautiful and satisfying whether it is the application of lash extensions or a relaxing body massage treatment.
My client’s needs are the most important aspect in the business; to pro long the stay of a happy and satisfied individual in the business world will open extensive doors to a successful brand.